Seasonal Camping

Seasonal Camping

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Seasonal Camping

Ready to join the Walnut Grove RV Resort camping family? Learn a bit more about camping seasonally with us, then check with us to find out about availability. We'd love to have you be part of a season-long stay with us in Tiffin on the Sandusky River!

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Seasonal camping at Walnut Grove RV Resort is simply the best way to enjoy your home away from home in the peaceful and beautiful setting of our campground. Spacious sites, countless amenities, and fun all season long are all part of a summer’s stay with us — not to mention the full calendar of activities to keep you as busy and as entertained as you want to be! For information about camping seasonally with us, please get in touch with us. We’d love to discuss the opportunity to be your hosts for a summer spent in Northern Ohio!

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Seasonal Rules

bullet iconSpeed Limit:


bullet iconRV Approval:

Seasonal residents RV must be less than 10 years old or well-maintained vintage model.

bullet iconPets:

Please keep your pets on a leash and clean after them. They are not to be left unattended on your site at any time. Pets are to be kept quiet. We reserve the right to limit the number of pets in the park. Pets cannot be left alone outside for any reason even if in a fenced area. Absolutely no vicious breed of dog or animal. All inoculations are required prior to bringing pets into the park.

bullet iconQuiet Hours:

Between 11pm - 7am daily. No loud music, vehicles or voices allowed. Please be respectful of other guests. During non -quiet hours, please use your best judgement on loud music, noise, and profanity. This is a family campground.

bullet iconConduct:

You are fully responsible for your guests behavior.

bullet iconIllegal Substances:

No illegal drugs are to be used in the park. Result immediate eviction. If you have a medical marijuana license this can only be used inside your camper and not in any public spaces.

bullet iconAlcohol Consumption:

DUI on our property will not be tolerated. This relates to vehicles of all kinds including golf carts. Result immediate eviction. We will also not tolerate profanity, loud voices, or the disturbance of other guests when intoxicated. Interpretation of the violation of this rule is made by our onsite managers and will be fully supported.

bullet iconWeapons:

No weapons are allowed in the park. BB Guns, Pellet Guns, Paint-ball Guns, Cross Bows, Sling Shots, or any device similar are included in this. Result immediate eviction.

bullet iconFireworks:

Please do not set off fireworks or aerial displays in the park, you will be asked to leave.

bullet iconParking & Cars:

2 cars are allowed to park at each site. Guests are to park in the visitors’ parking lot only. All large trailers and wagons are to be parked in the visitors’ lot.

bullet iconElectric Metered Sites:

The sites which have electric meters will be billed monthly, OR at management discretion, as charged by North Central Electric Coop. to the campground.

bullet iconMan-Made Additions:

All site additions are subject to Resort Management approval. No additions are allowed during the 2023 season. All man-made additions will be inspected during the season and must be made complaint prior to the 2024 season or removed.

bullet iconStorage Building Construction and Use:

Approval by management is required before building or material delivery. These rules will be updated and provided for you at the end of the 2023 Season. Management must approve the means and the methods utilized to place electric in the buildings, prior to installation. Any hookup deemed to be unsafe must be immediately removed. Storage buildings are not to be used as housing. Only one building per site. Concrete patios may be constructed with prior approval from Management. It must be close to the level of the ground. The Resort will not pay for these patios to be built. Patios will remain at no cost if vacating the lot. Repairs can be performed to existing buildings but you cannot increase the foot print or start new projects. All electrical hook up will be inspected and must be deemed safe or removed.

bullet iconStorage Building Resale:

No building can be relocated or sold within the RV Resort without prior Management approval. If a building does not meet park standards, you will be asked to remove it from the park within 14-day timeframe. If you do not remove it, we will have it removed and the cost will be charged to your site.

bullet iconRefrigerators:

Refrigerators are permitted only if placed in a storage shed. If the refrigerator is broken remove it immediately off campground premise. Refrigerators cannot be visible outside to other guests.

bullet iconSewer Hose:

Sewer hoses should have sponge gasket where it enters the hard pipe. Sewer pipes or fittings that are not being used should not be stored under the trailer or on the lot. Improvements will be made to our sewer system during the off season so any existing pipes that are above ground, other than the hook up must be removed at the end of the season. Hopefully, you will not need them next year.

bullet iconWater System:

Our water source is from three wells and IS NOT UNLIMITED. We ask you to please have a back-flow prevention valve placed between the RV and the camp spigot. The Resort has an EPA approved system. The water is tested for Total Coli Form Bacteria each business quarter during the year and Nitrate & Nitrite yearly. The water is then filtered to remove the micro-sediment to decrease sulfur. Results are on file in the office. Management is not responsible for clean treatment if there is an accident within the system or this results in any other illness. the camper will hold harmless the management and property owner and waives all rights of any potential litigation or settlement by signing this agreement.

bullet iconWater Use:

Seasonal campers are encouraged to wash their RV in May. No car/truck washing. The Management reserves the right to place limits on water usage as necessary. It is recommended that you use a power washer.

bullet iconGarbage:

NO OUTSIDE GARBAGE. Garbage is to be bagged and placed into the dumpster. Only Resort generated garbage is permitted. Do not put the following items in the dumpster: decks, grills, tires, bikes, chairs, mattresses, propane tanks, old appliances or junk metal. Take it home or contact Management for assistance.

bullet iconDisposing of Leaves:

Leaves are to be taken to the brush pile. NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL ON BRUSH PILE.

bullet iconCamp Firewood Storage:

Wood is to be stored in a neat orderly fashion off the ground and is not to be stacked over 4’ feet high or against electric post. Please remove wood from purchased pallets within one week.

bullet iconPropane Tanks:

If the RV has a place for propane tanks, then they are to be in the RV and not on the ground. 100 lb. propane tanks are to be secured and are to be rust free. Please keep the number of spare tanks to a minimum and secure them or store them in a locked building.

bullet iconTrees:

Do not put screws, nails, or anything metal into trees. Do not cut or mutilate any tree. If a tree is dead and could be a potential threat, alert Management. No clotheslines are allowed. Remove, lights, and cables by November 1, 2023. Firewood cutting in the campground is not permitted at any time.

bullet iconFlyers/Announcements/Notices:

Are not to be posted on trees, posts, or poles. Placed in designated bulletin boards and must be removed the day after the event.

bullet iconCampfires:

All fires must be supervised by an adult. All fires must be in a fire ring. Do not leave a fire burning unattended especially in dry weather, high winds.

bullet iconBicycles:

Riders must wear bike helmets. Bikes should be put in bike racks where provided. Bikes must be back on the campsite by 9pm. Bikes are only permitted on campground roads and not on hiking paths. Riders have to follow the 5 MPH speed limit. Stay 30 feet behind all vehicles including maintenance equipment or hayrides. You must have lights on your bike to ride them at dusk or after dark.

bullet iconGolf Carts:

You must have a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart. Overloading carts is not permitted. The lot # must be displayed on the golf cart. To operate the cart at night you must have both front and rear lights operating. Quad Runners/Four Wheelers/UTVs/Dirt Bikes are not permitted to be driven in the park. Violations for golf carts are 3 strikes and loss of golf cart privileges at the discretion of Management. We take the safety of our guests seriously and that includes your children. No children under the age of 16 can drive a golf cart on the property. Action could be immediate removal from property and loss of privileges to return.

bullet iconBasketball Court:

No vehicles are to be driven on the court at any time.

bullet iconFishing:

Fishing is CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY. No taking frogs from the ponds.

bullet iconBoats:

Canoes and kayaks can be kept on the campsite during the season if stored properly. Inflatable rafts may be kept on the campsites if kept inside a storage building or other safe location where they will not blow away. Boats, pontoons, and trailers are not to be stored on lots.

bullet iconTow Away Zone:

Walnut Grove is designated as a tow away zone O.R.C.3729.13, unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense. Signage is posted at the entrance. To retrieve vehicle contact Management.